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    Loop Detectors


    Sense vehicles with Loop Detectors

    Loop Detectors are used with vehicle detection loops to sense vehicular traffic. Detection loops are buried underground beneath a road or driveway, and are most commonly used to detect vehicles stopped at traffic lights. Loop Detectors from Action Industries are used in many different applications, but prominently for automated gates to trigger them to open. Other applications for loop detectors include counting vehicle traffic, arrival notifications, or for automated driveway lighting. These detectors are only designed to detect vehicles and are not rated for detection of pedestrians or animals.

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    EMX LP D-TEK Low Power Fail Safe Vehicle Loop Detector

    Loop Detector, ULT-MVP-2, Ultra-Multi-Voltage

    Loop Detector, ULTRA V-2, Plug-in Style

    Loop Pad, SP-24, Surface-Mounted

    Test Loop, TSTL, Vehicle

    Loop Detector, MVP D-Tek, Universal, 9V-220V AC/DC

    Loop Detector, Ultra II D-Tek

    Loop Detector, ULTRA-DIN, Din Rail Mount Vehicle

    Loop Detector, ULTRA-MVP, Multi-Voltage Vehicle

    Loop Detector, ULTRA-PLG, Plug-in Style

    Northstar Loop Detector w/Wiring Harness

    EMX PR-26 Preformed Loop

    Loop Detector, D-Tek 11-Pin DIN Socket

    Loop Detector, D-Tek Wiring Harness, 11-Pin

    Guard, SP-24 GUARD, Lead-in Wire

    Terminal Plug, LD-7P, 7 Position

    Sealant, Traffic Loop