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    ZAP Operator Repair Parts


    Action Industries is your one-stop-shop for everything ZAP related. Our large selection of ZAP repair parts is guaranteed to solve any application problem you may encounter in the field. For our customers ease-of-use, we have split the repair parts into four separate categories that include replacement controllers, motorhead assemblies, and accessories. Our product descriptions take all the guesswork out of ordering by letting you know exactly what part is compatible with each operator.

    Having Trouble Finding What You Need?

    Products and their applications are continually evolving. If you are having trouble determining what you need to order or don’t see the product you need, feel free to reach out to us! Our sales and support team are here to help!

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    Controller, 800-3-PB, Replacement 800 Series 3, Zap Commercial

    Controller, 8800-3-PB, Replacement 8800 Series 3, Zap Commercial

    Motor/Gearbox, 600805, Replacement for 800 Series, Zap Commercial

    ZAP 82 DTLM Dock Traffic Light Module and Dock Interlock

    ZAP 82 TLM Standard Traffic Light Module and Sally Port Interlock

    ZAP 8825-3 Replacement Motorhead Assembly

    Zap Garage Door Opener 4004 Din Rail Four Channel Radio Receiver

    ZAP Hollow Shaft Extender 1-1/4-Inch Extension

    ZAP Hollow Shaft Extender 1-Inch Extension

    Zap M4 Screw for Securing 825 Motor Pulley to Motor Shaft

    Zap Replacement Motor Assembly

    ZAP Replacement Motor Assembly

    Motor/Gearbox, 600816, Replacement for 8800 Series, Zap Commercial

    Zap 600814 Replacement Motor 8800-HP Series

    Zap 8800-3-HP-PB Series 3 Controller

    Zap 800-3-PB Enclosure Case Only

    Zap 8800-3-PB Enclosure Case Only

    Zap belt model ZAP-AX22

    Zap 600602 Belt AX23

    ZAP 800 Series 3 Panel - Circuit Board

    Zap 600615 Belt AX25 Replacement

    ZAP 8800 Series 3 Panel - Circuit board

    Zap 600611 Belt AX26 Replacement

    ZAP 8800 Series 3 HP Panel - Circuit board