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    ZAP Accessories


    Every door application is different, sometimes you require additional components to achieve the desired functionality for your customers. ZAP accessories from Action Industries are a great way to add additional safety features or security to your customer’s operator. Products like the 8070 Auto Lock and the 850 Bleeper help keep facilities secure and employees safe from harm. Our product offering is continually expanding and just because you may not see an item on our website doesn’t mean we don’t have it. If you need assistance finding the right part for the job contact our sales and support team.

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    ZAP 82 DTLM Dock Traffic Light Module and Dock Interlock

    ZAP 872 Garage Door Opener 10 Pin Socket Connector Adaptor Module

    Zap Garage Door Opener 4004 Din Rail Four Channel Radio Receiver

    ZAP Garage Door Opener 8070 Auto Lock (New Style)


    ZAP Hollow Shaft Extender 1-1/4-Inch Extension

    ZAP Hollow Shaft Extender 1-Inch Extension

    Zap M4 Screw for Securing 825 Motor Pulley to Motor Shaft

    Zap Replacement eyes made by Martec