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    Transmitter, 10TD900TR, Touchless Retrofit, BEA, 900MHz

    SKU: 10TD900TR
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    900 MHz retrofit transmitter

    BEA’s 900 MHZ FAMILY compact transmitters and receiver allow wireless activation of any door control. FCC Part 15 certification ensures proper compliance with federal radio frequency regulations.

    900 MHz wireless technology provides greater line-of-sight transmission distance than legacy wireless frequencies. It also provides better penetration of obstacles such as walls, partitions, doors or low-emissivity glass.

    BEA’s 900 MHZ FAMILY series of wireless devices includes the touch-less retrofit transmitter for easy upgrade of touch push plates to touch-less solutions, which typically require additional wires to be run for installation.

    The 900 MHZ FAMILY industrial series offers a line of IP65 rated hand-held transmitters, ideal for industrial environments. This family also has a convenient belt-clip accessory.


    • Enhances accessibility – Offers a means of activation of automatic doors for those with limited mobility or disabilities

    • Extended hold functionality – Extended hold and toggle/pulse functionality is integrated for various application needs

    • Consistent transmission – Frequency hopping allows consistent transmission in areas with other 900 MHz devices

    • Learn modes – Delay and no-delay learn modes provide either instant or delayed activation for the sequencing of doors


    • Frequency – 908 – 918 MHz (Frequency Hopping)

    • Radio Control Type – Digital

    • Power Consumption – 22mA

    • Contact Rating – 1.0 A @ 30 VDC, 0.3 A @ 60 VDC, 0.5 A @ 125 VAC

    • Operating Temperature – 14 - 131 Deg F (-10 - 55 Deg C)

    • Dimensions – 1 18⁄25” (W) x 1 3⁄50” (D) x 8⁄25” (H)

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