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    5/8in X 24in Garage Door Torsion Spring Winding Bars HEX SHAFT-Pair


    These spring winding rods are 5/8 inch by 24 inches long and are designed to apply or release tension on overhead garage door springs. The 24 inch long, six sided hex design gives you the leverage and control needed to easily repair, install, or make adjustments on garage door torsion springs. Winding Bars from Action industries come in sets of two with different diameters on both sides to fit most commercial winding cones.


    • 0.62-inch 6 sided hex shaft

    • 5/8-inch on one end, 1/2-inch at the other

    • Fits most commercial winding cones

    • Solid steel construction

    • Comes in a set of two bars

    • 24 inches long

    • For repairing or installing garage door springs

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