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    Sommer Garage Door Accessories

    Sommer Accessories include all the products you need to customize your Sommer Garage Door Operator and keep it in peak working condition. Accessories include essential repair parts like rail extension kits for 12FT and 10FT doors, and easy to install accessories to improve the accessibility of any garage installation. Sommer Accessories also available from Action Industries include the Plug & Play line of products for EVO+ Series operators that makes installation of new accessories straightforward.

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    Looking for a particular Sommer Accessory or Sommer repair part? Contact our Sales and Support Team with any questions or concerns and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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    Sommer 922MHz Wireless Wall Button (EVO+)

    Sommer EVO+ LOCK - Plug & Play Locking Magnet Up To 660-lbs. Force 1651

    Sommer EVO+ MEMO Plug & Play Additional Memory (Up To 450 Remotes) 10373

    Sommer EVO+ Plug & Play Alarm/Warning Buzzer 7043

    Sommer EVO+ Plug & Play Battery Backup Pack S10523

    Sommer EVO+ Plug & Play Control Relay - 7042

    Sommer EVO+ Plug & Play Motion Sensor w/Light Activation S10343

    Sommer EVO+ Rail Extension Kit for 10FT Door S10868V003 - 2FT EXT

    Sommer EVO+ Rail Extension Kit for 12FT Door 1046V0002- 4FT EXT

    Sommer EVO+ SENSO Plug & Play Humidity/Temperature Sensor 10371

    Sommer Evo+ Swing Door Kit US1502

    Sommer LUMI EVO+ Plug & Play Additional LED Light Strip for Control Unit 7041

    Sommer SOMlink Service Interface Module - S10683