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    Slide Latches


    Slide Latches Keep Self Storage Doors Secure

    Guarantee security on mini warehouse, storage unit or storage facility garage doors with a slide latch from Action Industries. Made from Stainless Steel or plated with high-quality materials like zinc, they’re designed for long-lasting resistance to corrosion on outdoor installations.

    Choose from multiple brands and styles available to fit nearly any mini storage, self storage door, or roll-up door. Our selection includes latches from Chateau Products, Inc. and Janus International - each with their own range of compatible doors and door locks. Latches are compatible with a variety of lock types, including cylinder locks, overlocks, padlocks, some latches even allowing multiple storage locks for extra security.

    Questions about slide latches or storage locks?

    Not sure if your door works best with a Chateau or Janus latch? Contact our Sales and Support Team with any questions, concerns, or options for a custom order and we will be happy to help.

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    C-970-BD-KA-YELLOW - #401


    Chateau C-750W-BD-KA Weather Covered 2in Keyed Alike Padlock

    Chateau C-7644W-CD-KD - 1-3/4 inch Extreme Weather Padlock

    Chateau C-99X2-CD-KA - X-Type Disc Locks (2 ct. Keyed Alike)

    Chateau C-99X-CD-KD Chateau X-Type Disc Lock (Keyed Differently)

    Chateau CARL-1 Mini Warehouse Garage Door Flat Door Latch and Lock

    Chateau CARL-1-S Mini Warehouse Stainless Steel

    Chateau C-ARL-A Mini Warehouse Garage Door Latch No Wings

    Chateau C-ARL-F-CH Mini Warehouse Garage Door Latch 2 Bolt Flush Door Latch Chrome

    Chateau C-ARL-F-ZC Mini Warehouse Garage Door Latch 2 Bolt Flush Door Latch Zinc.

    Chateau CARL-PLUS-1 Mini Warehouse Garage Door high Security Latch

    Chateau C-DL-1 Mini Warehouse Garage Door Four Bolt Latch

    Chateau C-DL-2 Stainless Steel Mini Warehouse Garage Door Four Bolt Latch

    Chateau C-FH-1 Surface-Mounted Strike

    Chateau C-GR-2-S Mini Warehouse Garage Door Slim Fit Padlock Stainless Steel Latch

    Chateau Disc Lock C-970-CD-KD

    Chateau Disc Lock Set C-970-2-CD-KA (Twin-Pack)


    Janus 1-1/2" Felt Strip Tape

    Mini Warehouse Garage Door Slide Bolt (Chicago Style) Latch