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    Sensor, 10FALCON XL, Motion, BEA

    SKU: 10FalconXL
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    BEA’s FALCON FAMILY of sensors is the premier microwave activation solution for indoor and outdoor industrial applications. The family includes the FALCON, FALCON XL (extra low mount) and FALCON WIDE (for wide detection areas).

    BEA’s FALCON FAMILY is ideal for automatic industrial doors, vehicle gates / barriers, vehicle detection, loading docks or any other industrial application where motion detection is required.

    Housed in a NEMA 4 rated enclosure, the FALCON FAMILY is designed to operate in harsh environments.


    • Energy savings – Bidirectional, unidirectional approach and unidirectional depart microwave detection options

    • Adjustable detection settings – Six modes of detection filtering for pedestrian and parallel traffic rejection

    • Rated for harsh environments – IP65 rated enclosure

    • Remote control adjustments – Remote control programming enables user to quickly and safely make changes from the ground

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