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    Pulsar 8833CT-OCS Gate and Garage Door Opener Remote Transmitter 318Mhz

    SKU: MMTC8833-COCS

    The Pulsar 8833-COCS gate and garage door opener remote has open-close-stop functions for three doors on this Model MMTC 8833-COCS Pulsar replacement remote for use with a P831 commercial receiver operating at 318 MHz. This Pulsar 8833-COCS replacement remote is compatible with Pulsar, Allister and Allstar transmitters. It works with receiver models 833, 833T, 8833, 8833T, ADX8833 and PDX 8833. Check your operating frequency to ensure 318 MHz compatibility.

    The remote's 8 DIP switch, 3-position programming format is easy to activate with your garage door opener transmitter or gate mechanism. The remotes work with DIP switches that can be matched to your brand model. Just follow the steps in the instruction sheet that comes with this Pulsar remote. A 9 volt battery and car visor clip is included.


      • Compatible with Pulsar, Allister, Allstar

      • Includes instructions, 9 volt battery, visor clip

      • For use with P831 commercial receiver

      • 8 DIP switch, 3-position format

      • Open/Close/Stop feature

      • One-year warranty


    Length - 3 5/8 Inches, Width - 2 1/4 Inches, Depth - 7/8 Inches

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