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    SKU: 69-70000

    PowerMaster 69-70000 Turbo Commercial Door Operator Control Board PowerMaster 69-70000 Turbo Commercial Door Operator Control Board is a full-upgrade control and logic board engineered for faster install and easier maintenance and adjustment of 20 different PowerMaster door operators. It communicates with operator to open, close door and accommodates up to 3 auto-detected monitored safety devices. Easily adjust closing and opening limits, diagnose photo eye status, test operation of opener. Virtually all adjustments and programming performed with push buttons and multiple function-specific LED indicators.

    Product Highlights:

    • Multi-function logic and control board for straightforward install, adjustment, and maintenance of all PowerMaster commercial door operators

    • Built-in radio receiver

    • Over 50 diagnostic, installation and maintenance words and abbreviations stamped into board

    • Lightning and transient surge protected

    • Universal terminal w/ phillips-head strip

    • Safety circuits

    • 6 Operation Modes - Momentary open and close, constant pressure close, timer to close, Safety Stop Timers, constant open and close, constant close w/ rollback

    • Compatible with all PowerMaster Door Commercial Operators APT, CH, CJ, CT, H, J, MH, MJ, MT, RJ, SL, T, CGH, EMG, GJ, GSL, GT, KLT, MG, WMG (ALL DOOR UNITS)

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