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    Perforated Hanger Angle


    Perforated Hang Angle

    Whether installing a new garage door opener or repairing an old door, Perforated Hang Angles are an essential piece of garage door hardware for providing structural support. Hang angles are bolted to ceiling joists to act as a track hanger and allow a operator and horizontal tracks of an overhead garage door to be hung at the same height.

    Pre-cut for uniform installation

    The perforated design also makes the long-lasting galvanized material light and easy to work with without sacrificing any structural integrity. Each piece of material comes pre-cut with uniform holes which removes the need for measuring, cutting, and drilling of the material. They are available in multiple sizes and lengths to accommodate virtually any installation of varying headroom.

    Have a question about Perforated Hang Angles?

    Contact our Sales and Support Team with any questions, concerns, or custom orders and we will point you in the right direction.

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