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    Passage Door Sweep Seal Kits - Brush

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    This Action Industries Passage Door Sweep Seal Kit includes an aluminum retainer and brush seal in two different options: Commercial and Residential. The Residential Kit comes with the Slim-Line A2088 7/8 inch aluminum retainer and a B2767-PP 3/4 inch flex brush seal. The Commercial Kit comes with a larger A0088 Standard Retainer and matching B0768-PP Standard Flex Brush. Once installed, the kit keeps out rain, cold temperatures, and other weather on commercial and residential walk-through doors. Brush seals are made from high-quality polypropylene that won’t hold water or freeze in sub-zero temperatures. Kits come in 3 & 4 ft. lengths that can be trimmed using a hacksaw to fit any residential or commercial man door. Door sweeps close gaps between the bottom of the door and its threshold; can be used for external doors, patio doors, residential passage doors, and can be used to close gaps between doors and door frames. Each packaged kit comes complete with matching screws and pre-punched retainers for quick installation.


    • 7/8 inch aluminum retainer

    • 3/4 inch bristle length on flex brush seal

    • 3 ft., 4 ft. length options

    • Can be used to bridge gaps between door frame and molding

    • For commercial and residential use

    • Available in three finishes - Mill aluminum, brown, and white

    • Long lasting brush made out of polypropylene filaments

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