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    Other Dock Seals


    Cover all your bases with these additional loading dock leveler seals.

    Finish the job of sealing a loading dock leveler with these additional seals. They’re ideal for food industry plants and other sanitation-sensitive buildings.

    Dock leveler rear seals: brush seals and foam seals

    Seal gaps between a loading dock leveler and the dock floor with these rear seals. They’ll keep out drafts, dirt, and pests and make the facility more energy-efficient by blocking drafts. Choose from brush seal or foam seal.

    Dock leveler brush ring weather seals

    Any unsealed spot – no matter how small – can be an entryway for pests. This brush ring seal fits into the pull chain slot to keep rodents and pests out of the facility.

    Have a hard-to-seal loading dock leveler?

    Ask our sales and support team for help with your complicated job. We’ll help you design the perfect sealing solution.

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