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    Linear MultiCode Radio Controls (300 MHz Frequency)


    Linear Multi Code Radio Controls

    Multi Code products operate on a 300 MHz frequency and are a part of Linear’s versatile collection of Radio Controls. These transmitters and receivers are designed in Linear’s secure Multi Code format with two ten position coding switches that provide 512 possible codes for each channel. Transmitters will only activate receivers set with the same code, increasing security and reliability. Linear’s Multi Code line of Radio Controls are compatible with both Residential and Commercial Garage door operators and gate openers.

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    Antenna, Remote Whip

    Multi Code 109201 MCS109201 Wiring Harness

    Multi Code Stanley 310MHz Model 3083 MCS308302 Mini Gate and Garage Door Opener Transmitter

    Multi-Code MCS109920 1099 1-channel 110V Gate Receiver

    Transmitter, 1-Channel, 1-Button, Hand Held, 300MHz

    Transmitter, 1-Channel, 1-Button, Hand Held, 310MHz

    Transmitter, 1-Channel, Key Ring, 300MHz

    Transmitter, 1-Channel, Key Ring, 300MHz

    Transmitter, 2-Channel, Key Ring

    Transmitter, 2-Channel, Hand Held, 300MHz

    Transmitter, 4-Channel, Hand Held, 300MHz

    Transmitter, MCS302210, Multi-Code 3022, Safety Edge Gate & Garage Door, Linear, 300MHz and 310MHz

    Keypad, Wireless, 300MHz

    Receiver, 1 Channel