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    Lubricant & Gel


    Garage Door Lubricants

    Ensure smooth operation of a commercial garage door system and keep it corrosion free with professional garage door lubricant from Action Industries. Our long-lasting lubrication formulas are designed to penetrate hard to reach places to eliminate rusting, squeaking, and grime buildup on garage door parts including pulleys, door tracks, garage door rollers, and any other metal components without any messy residue. These patented formulas last longer than conventional silicone spray garage door lube and stands up to cold weather to keep all moving parts in your garage corrosion free. Our lubicrants come in different formulas to suit any job: Ultra Gel with PTFE, that provides long lasting protection from extreme temperatures, weather and corrosion; and Penetrating Lubricant for penetrating and loosening advanced rust and corrosion.

    Have questions about penetrant lubrication from Action Industries

    Not sure which quick-drying lubricating formula will best work for your door components? Contact our Sales and Support Team and we will help with any questions or concerns you have.

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