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    Loading Dock Weather Seals and Bumpers


    Seal your loading dock leveler and protect your facility.

    Air and pest infiltration from a dock leveler can wreak havoc on climate-controlled and cold storage facilities. Whether sealing your loading dock is mandated – as for food industries – or optional, you need the highest-quality sealing materials.

    Eliminate drafts, dirt, and pests with dock leveler seal kits.

    Our dock leveler seal kits include a heavy galvanized channel for quick weld installation and several seal options to meet your needs. 

    • EPDM seals withstand temperatures from -50°F to 300°F and are excellent at resisting weather, ozone, and heat. These characteristics make EPDM an excellent loading dock weather seal.
    • Brush seal bristles create an impressive barrier when they spread. Brush seals block drafts more effectively than vinyl seals, making dock leveler brush seals a great option.
    • WeatherBLOCK weather seal by Action Industries provides an even better seal. It’s a brush seal with an EPDM insert to give twice the protection.
    • RodentBLOCK™ dock leveler seals with Xcluder® feature patented Xcluder fill fabric – a barrier that's impenetrable to rodents and other pests. It’s the best pest control dock leveler seal on the market.

    Protect your loading dock from truck damage.

    Put a stop to truck damage by installing heavy-duty laminated dock bumpers. Made of tightly sandwiched pads of recycled truck tires, these bumpers guard your building, loading docks, and cargo.

    For an added level of accident prevention, use our sturdy wheel chocks to avoid trucks and trailers from unintentionally rolling.

    Need help designing the best loading dock weather seal solution for your needs?

    Contact our sales and support team. We’ll be happy to talk through your requirements.

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    Tee Seal, 1.5", Black, 84" L.

    Brush Ring

    Dock Wedge, pair

    Gap Seal, 18 oz. PVC-coated polyester - for 2" Thick Door

    Heavy Duty Dock Seals For Commercial Garage Doors

    Industrial Drive-In Dock Seals

    Laminated Dock Bumpers

    RodentBlock, 8' Dock Leveler Seal Kit

    Seal Kit, Dock Leveler , 8' Galvanized with 1/2" Brush

    Seal Kit, Dock Leveler Brush Rear (Twisted wire Brush 96" , 1-1/2" OD 96 degree brush face)

    Seal Kit, Dock Leveler Foam Rear, 8'





    Tee Seal, 1.625", Black

    Wheel Chocks

    Dock Leveler Seal, Vinyl, Grey 7' 2"

    Seal Kit, Dock Leveler , 8' Galvanized with 3/4" Brush

    Seal Kit, Dock Leveler, 8' Galvanized with 1" Brush

    Seal Kit, Dock Leveler , 8' Galvanized with 1" Zebra Brush

    Seal Kit, Dock Leveler , 8' Galvanized with 1" Vinyl

    Seal Kit, Dock Block, 8' Galvanized and 1" Brush w/Rubber Fin Insert

    Seal Kit, Dock Leveler , 8' Galvanized with 1-1/8" EPDM Rubber