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    MegaCode transmitters and receivers by Linear Pro Access work with all of Linear’s access control products and are ideal for commercial and industrial applications. Every MegaCode transmitter is preprogrammed at the factory with one of more than one million codes and the MegaCode system prevents unauthorized reprogramming of a transmitter. MegaCode radio controls operate on a 318 MHz frequency and use advanced rolling code technology to ensure maximum security on any installation.

    MegaCode systems offer the flexible transmitter and receiver options needed for commercial or industrial applications. Whether you provide access to a small group or to dozens, MegaCode radio controls provide reliable and durable radio controls. Available from Action Industries are convenient keychain size transmitters or visor style transmitters with one, two, three, or five channels to operate up to five different operators or accessories. Also in stock are wireless universal keypads for another secure gate and garage door keyless entry option. Linear’s lines of Delta 3 and Multi-Code radio controls are also available from Action Industries.

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    Transmitter, one-channel, Visor, MCT-11

    Transmitter, 3-Channel, Visor, MCT-3

    Transmitter, 1-Channel, Hand-Held, Block Coded, MT-1B, 318Mhz

    Linear MT-2B Two -Channel Block Coded Visor Transmitter (Lot of 10)

    Transmitter, 1-Channel , Hand-Held, 318MHz

    Transmitter, 2-Channel , Hand-Held, 318MHz

    Transmitter, 1-Channel , Hand-Held, 318MHz

    Transmitter, 3-Channel , Hand-Held, 318MHz

    Linear Mega Code MDT-4A DNT00054A 5-channel Visor Transmitter Garage Door Opener

    Linear MegaCode MDT-4B 5-Channel Block Coded Visor Transmitter

    Linear GT-30 ACP00743 Genie-Compatible Gate or Garage Door Opener Remote

    Linear Mega Code ACT-31B ACP00879 Mini Gate or Garage Door Opener Remote

    Linear ACT-31C Mini CUSTOM Block Coded Transmitter

    Linear Mega Code ACT-34B ACP00872 Mini Gate or Garage Door Opener Remote

    10 Pack - Linear MegaCode ACT-21B ACP00615 1-Button Custom Block Coded 318MHz Keychain Remote Ctrl

    Transmitter, 3-Channel, Key Ring, 318MHz

    Keypad, Digital Transmitter, 318 MHz


    Linear Mega Code MDR-2 (DNR00072) 2-Ch Gate or Garage Receiver

    Linear Mega Code MDRU DNR00100 1-channel Plug-in Gate or Garage Door Receiver

    Linear Mega Code MGT DNT00068 Gate Safety Edge Transmitter