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    Linear Pro Access

    Linear Pro Access, MegaCode, Multi-Code, and Delta 3 gate openers and garage door openers, controls, and accessories are trusted commercial radio control products and access control systems that enhance safety and security on any installation. At Action Industries we carry the full line of Linear Pro Access products and replacement parts for your business. Linear’s radio controls are available in three formats from Action Industries:

    • MegaCode - Work with all of Linear’s garage door operators, gate operators, and access control products. Ideal for commercial and industrial applications. Pre-programmed at the factory with one of more than one million codes.

    • Multi-Code - Trusted, reliable brand for professional installers since the 1970s. Multi-channel and single channel transmitters and receivers, and includes compact visor key ring transmitters to heavy duty wireless keypads.

    • Delta 3 - Commercial gate and garage door receivers, transmitters, and accessories that uses 256 individual codes and operates on a 310 MHz frequency.

    With MegaCode, Multi-Code, and Delta 3 Linear Pro Access controls, at Action Industries we have the Linear radio control you need for any job. Replace an old Multi-Code remote, receiver, or entire system, or install a MegaCode system on a new industrial garage door installation. Whether you’re looking for an affordable Delta 3 solution or secure MegaCode multi-channel remote control and receiver, Action Industries is the one stop shop for Linear radio control products.

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    Control Board, HAE00061, Model LDCO Replacement, Linear

    Gear Kit, HAE00006, for LS050 LDO50 LDO33, Linear

    Linear Delta 3 DT-4B DNT00027B 4-channel Visor Transmitter for automatic garage/gate operators

    Transmitter, 1-Channel, 1-Button, Hand Held, 300MHz

    Transmitter, one-channel, Visor, MCT-11

    Transmitter, 1-Channel, Hand-Held, 310 MHz

    Transmitter, 2-Channel, Hand Held, 300MHz

    Transmitter, 3-Channel, Visor, MCT-3

    Transmitter, 1-Channel, Hand-Held, Block Coded, MT-1B, 318Mhz

    Transmitter, 2-Channel, Hand-Held, 310 MHz

    Transmitter, 4-Channel, Hand Held, 300MHz

    Linear MT-2B Two -Channel Block Coded Visor Transmitter (Lot of 10)

    Receiver, 1-Channel, 310 MHz

    Transmitter, 1-Channel, Key Ring, 300MHz

    Linear Delta 3 DD DNP00006 Universal gate or Garage Door Receiver Set DD = Two DT & One DR

    Transmitter, 1-Channel , Hand-Held, 318MHz

    Transmitter, 1-Channel, Key Ring, 300MHz

    Linear Delta 3 DS DNP00011 Universal Gate or Garage Door Receiver Set DS= one DT & One DR

    Transmitter, 2-Channel , Hand-Held, 318MHz

    Transmitter, 2-Channel, Key Ring

    Linear Delta 3 DR-4 DNR00023A 4-channel Receiver for garage/gate operators and access Ctrl systems

    Multi Code Stanley 310MHz Model 3083 MCS308302 Mini Gate and Garage Door Opener Transmitter

    Transmitter, 1-Channel , Hand-Held, 318MHz

    Linear Delta 3 GRD-2 DNR00102 2-Channel Gate Receiver