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    Janus International


    Janus International Group

    Get rolling steel door accessories and repair parts you need with Janus International products from Action Industries. Janus International is a global manufacturer of self-storage building solutions, relocatable storage units, facility automation solutions, door replacement and commercial door restoration. They provide reliable garage door and access control parts to keep installations safe, secure, and protected from the elements. Since 2002, the company has provided repair parts, facility automation tools, and building products for the self-storage industry that keep facilities insulated and prevent mishaps from door closings. These heavy-duty roll up door and sheet door parts will keep a garage door operating smoothly and locked firmly in place when closed. Janus parts from Action Industries include bottom bar slide latches, cast axle support brackets, stamped axle support brackets, mounting plates, sprockets and more.

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    Janus Reduced Drive Chain Hoist Assy 2000/2500/3100 (12"diam drum)

    Janus Reduced Drive Chain Hoist 1950 (9 1/2"diam drum)

    EO Kit for 1950

    Janus 12" Cast Ring Gear

    Janus 42 Tooth Sprocket (Furnished in the 1950 EO Kit)

    Janus 72 Tooth Sprocket (Furnished in the 2000/2500/3100 EO Kit)

    Janus 9 1/2" Cast Ring Gear

    Janus Large Steel Mounting Plates

    Janus Pr Small Steel Mounting Plates

    Janus 1" Cam Action Tensioner

    Janus 1-5/16 " Cam Action Spring Tensioner

    Janus 1-5/16" Stamped Axle Support Bracket

    Janus HDWR200066-0000 1" Stamped Axle Support Bracket

    Janus Commercial Door Stops - Pair


    Janus 1" Cast Axle Support Bracket

    Janus Inside Bottom Bar Slide Latch

    Janus Mini Steel Door Handle

    Janus Rolling Garage Door Header Seal