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    Janus International


    Janus International

    Janus International's garage door parts are ideal for commercial garages, industrial doors, mini warehouse and self storage facilities. Their full-line of heavy duty parts helps keep roll-up doors and swing doors insulated and protected from the elements. Janus's compact garage door openers and operators take up less space and allow more room which makes them perfect for use in storage building solutions and storage units.

    Versatile Access Control

    The Janus access control line includes bluetooth enabled parts, including their Nokē smart locks, for automation and enhanced security for virtually any commercial door. Janus International is also a global manufacturer of reliable slide bolts and door latches specifically designed to fit their corrugated roll-up doors, and are also compatible with a wide range of non-janus international garage doors. Unlike their competitors, Janus door latches are compatible with a variety of lock types, including: cylinder locks used in conjunction with padlocks, disk locks, and multiple over locks.

    Have a question about parts from Janus International or can't find the part you need?

    Whether it be about their roll-up door latches, openers, self-storage solutions or hallway systems, our sales and support team is here to help. Contact our Sales and Support Team and we will happily assist you with any questions or concerns.

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    EO Kit for 1950

    Janus 1" Cam Action Tensioner

    Janus 1" Cast Axle Support Bracket

    Janus 12" Cast Ring Gear

    Janus 1-5/16 " Cam Action Spring Tensioner

    Janus 1-5/16" Stamped Axle Support Bracket

    Janus 42 Tooth Sprocket (Furnished in the 1950 EO Kit)

    Janus 72 Tooth Sprocket (Furnished in the 2000/2500/3100 EO Kit)

    Janus 9 1/2" Cast Ring Gear

    Janus Commercial Door Stops - Pair

    Janus HDWR200066-0000 1" Stamped Axle Support Bracket

    Janus Inside Bottom Bar Slide Latch


    Janus Large Steel Mounting Plates

    Janus Mini Steel Door Handle

    Janus Pr Small Steel Mounting Plates

    Janus Reduced Drive Chain Hoist 1950 (9 1/2"diam drum)

    Janus Reduced Drive Chain Hoist Assy 2000/2500/3100 (12"diam drum)

    Janus Rolling Door Top Draft Stop

    Janus Rolling Garage Door Header Seal