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    Guardian 3-FDCC ClearCom 3 Button Wired Wallstation

    SKU: 3-FDCC

    Introducing the Guardian 3-FDCC Deluxe Door Control Console - the ultimate wired wall button for garage door control needs. This deluxe console is designed to provide enhanced functionality, convenience, and security all in one sleek package.

    With the 3-FDCC Deluxe Door Control Console, the power to effortlessly control a garage door and operator lights, making a garage experience more convenient than ever before. No more fumbling for multiple buttons or switches scattered around the garage. Everything needed is consolidated into this single console for ease and comfort.

    One of the standout features of this console is its door lock and light activation button. This means controlling a garage door and the illumination of the garage with just the press of a button. Need to enter the garage late at night? No problem. Illuminate your space instantly and securely with this console's convenient light control.

    Furthermore, the 3-FDCC Deluxe Door Control Console offers an additional layer of security with its remote lock-out feature. By simply sliding the radio lock-out switch, it can prevent any unauthorized access to a garage. This ensures control over who enters a garage, providing peace of mind and protection.

    Installing the Deluxe Door Control Console is a breeze. It comes with a convenient plug-in connection that is polarized for easy setup. Additionally, it can be easily mounted on a junction box, offering you flexibility in placement and ensuring a clean and organized appearance.

    Rest assured, all the necessary accessories are included with the console. Mounting screws, anchors, and a generous 25.8 feet (7.9 meters) of wire are provided, allowing for a hassle-free installation process.

    The Guardian 3-FDCC Deluxe Door Control Console is the upgraded replacement for the Guardian Deluxe Wall Station (Item# DLXWLSTN) and Door Control Console for Residential Garage Doors (Item# GUAT-204). It is a reliable and feature-packed solution for anyone seeking a comprehensive garage door control system.

    Take control of the garage with the Guardian 3-FDCC Deluxe Door Control Console. Experience the convenience, security, and simplicity it brings to your garage door operation. Upgrade today!

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