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    Safety Products


    Garage Door Safety Products

    Meet UL 325 requirements with overhead door and gate safety products.

    For overhead doors and automatic gates, depend on Action Industries’ selection of safety products to achieve UL 325 compliance for your customers.

    Regardless of your customers’ door or gate situation, you’ll find the safety parts to fit their needs.

    Consider these options for how you can meet UL 325 standards on your jobs:Sensors, safety beams and more for garage doors and automatic gates

    • Install pneumatic reversing edge kits inside the garage door bottom seal.
      • Coil cords connect the operator to the safety switch at the bottom of the door.
      • Take up reels supply the electrical signal from the sensing edge to the operator.
    • Mount a pair of safety beams (aka safety or photo eyes) 6 inches from the bottom of the door.
    • Set up motion detectors that can distinguish vehicles from pedestrian movement.
    • Use a safety beam reflector with a safety beam for gates with electricity on only one side.

    Design the perfect safety system for your customers’ overhead doors and automatic gates.

    Not sure where to start? Explain the job details to our sales and support team. We’ll talk you through the options that best fit the project. Together, we’ll design a garage and gate safety system that will thrill your customer.

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    13 oz Action Industries Ultra gel with PTFE

    Air Switch Interior or Exterior 3-Wire

    Aladdin Extra Door Position Sensor

    Anchor, Treadle Hose

    Coil Cords

    Genie 38013R Dry Contact Control Adapter for series III Models

    Gum Hose, .50 ID, Black

    Hose, Treadle, .350 ID, Black

    Lubricant, Action Industries, Penetrating, 15.75oz

    Miller Edge Non-Monitored Relay Light Curtain

    Reel, Take Up, 2-Wire, Metal, 18 Gauge, 20'

    Reel, Take Up, 2-Wire, Plastic, 18 Gauge, 20'

    Reel, Take Up, 3-Wire, Metal, 18 Gauge, 30'

    Reel, Take Up, 3-Wire, Plastic, 18 Gauge, 20'

    Rubber Stopper, Gum Hose

    Safety Edge Kit, 14'

    Safety Edge Kit, 20'

    Sensor, 10FALCON, Motion, BEA

    Sensor, 10FALCON XL, Motion, BEA

    Sensor, 10IS40, Dual Technology, Motion/Presence, BEA

    Control, 10REMOTE, Universal Remote, BEA

    Light Curtain, Monitored, 32ft Wide x 3ft or 6 ft High , Miller Edge