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    Get the garage door hardware you need to finish your jobs.

    From garage door springs and rollers to chain hoists and hinges, Action Industries has every part for every door. Sourced in the USA, our hardware selection covers residential, light commercial and industrial doors. You'll find everything you need to serve your customers.

    Buy what you want without worrying about a minimum order requirement.

    There are no minimum order requirements, so whether you’re buying for one job or stocking extra parts, you can purchase exactly what's on your list. With Action Industries, it's easy to get the parts you need to finish your jobs quickly and efficiently.

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    Drum Set, Standard Lift

    Hardware Kit, One-Piece Door, E900 (Packaged)

    Universal SPRING-CONES

    2" Roller

    3" Exhaust Port , Doors 1"-2.125" Thick Model EP-3x2

    3" Roller

    3M VHB Tape

    Adhesive, 1" Discs, 160 Pcs

    Aircraft Cable

    Anchor Brackets

    Bearing Plate, 1.25" ID, with Flangette

    Bearing, 1" ID

    Bolt, Carriage Round Hd, 5/16-18X3/4, Short Neck

    Bottom Bracket, Commercial, 3"-10 7/8"H, 4 5/8"W, 1 5/8" Flange

    Bottom Bracket, Commercial, Pair, 2"-10 7/8"H, 4 5/8"W, 1 5/8" Flange

    Bottom Bracket, Commercial, Pair, 3"-9 3/8"H, 3 1/8"W, 1 11/16" Flange

    Bottom Bracket, Outside Hookup, 6 1/2"H, 3 1/4"W, Clevis Pin

    Bottom Bracket, Residential, 5 11/16" H, 2 11/16" W, 1 1/4" Side Flange

    Bottom Bracket, Residential, 6 7/16"H, 3 1/8"W, 1 1/4" side, 5/8"

    Bottom Brackets, Commercial, Pair, 2"- 7 3/4"H, 3 1/8"W, 1 11/16" Flange

    Bracket, Universal Flag, Pair

    Bumper Set, 15" Torpedo

    Bumper Set, 27" Torpedo

    Bumper Set/Pair, Safety Leaf, With Brackets