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    Garage Door Access and Radio Controls

    Get the controls you need to finish your overhead door or gate projects.

    Manage the logistics and security needs for overhead doors and gates with access and radio controls from Action Industries.






    Design your complete access control system.

    Your customers want total control over who comes in and out of their facility. We carry access control systems from BEA and EMX so you can install the highest-quality sensors and access systems.

    Secure your gates and overhead garage doors with:

    • Keypads, card readers and key switches, which require a code, card or key to enter
    • Timers that close gates and doors after a set period
    • Vehicle motion detectors and loop detectors to open gates and doors only when activated

    Keep workers and vehicles safe with:

    • Photo eyes to stop doors from closing on anything
    • Loop detectors that keep gates open when a vehicle is in the way
    • Radio controls so drivers can open doors while remaining in the vehicle

    Simplify entry with remotes and radio controls.

    Do your customers’ drivers depend on garage door remotes to do their job?

    • Offer replacement or additional remotes with Action’s collection of universal and brand-specific garage door remotes.
    • Upgrade commercial door operators with a commercial receiver.
    • Boost their receiver signal with an extended range antenna.

    Get everything you need for your access control projects.

    There’s nothing worse than ordering from multiple sites to get everything you need for a job. Get all your parts in one shipment with Action Industries’ full line of products. From motion sensors down to the brackets you need to mount them, you'll find what you need.

    Don’t get stuck without a vital part. Tell our sales and support team about your project, and we’ll make sure your order has everything you’ll need for the job.


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    Keypad, programmable, dual relay output

    SOMMER Pearl 4-Button Transmitter, 922MHz - S10250 (EVO+)

    Transmitter, LR-650-TX1B/VC, One Button, Visor Clip

    10 Pack - Linear MegaCode ACT-21B ACP00615 1-Button Custom Block Coded 318MHz Keychain Remote Ctrl

    10MS31 Kit With 6-Inch Round Plate

    10MS31 Kit With Jamb Plate

    10MS31CUSTOM Touchless Open Actuator Kit

    10MS31U Universal Kit With Single-gang And Double-Gang Plates

    10MS41 Stainless Steel Touchless Actuator With Adjustable Range And Relay Hold Time

    3-button station (surface mount, exterior)

    Access Card, CARX-20, Reinforced

    Actuator, 10MS11D, Microwave Touchless, Stainless Steel, Double Gang, BEA

    Allstar 190-111025 111025 Classic Garage Door and GateTransmitter, 288 MHz

    The Allstar 11025 Classic QuickCode remote allows easy access to your garage. This device features three buttons, each of which can be programmed independently. An LED display makes setup a breeze and includes a visor clip for optional mounting. The Allstar Classic 11025 can replace numerous Allstar/Allister/Pulsar remotes, including the following: 931, 931MT, 9931, 832, 8832, 833, 8833, 931, 921MT, 9921, 822, 8822, 9931TK, 8832TK, 9921MT, 9931MT and 8833OCS.


    • 3 buttons can be programmed independently to one of 19,683 codes

    • Controls up to 3 gates or garage doors

    • Visor clip included

    • LED display

    • Quick and easy setup

    • Uses 2 3V CR2032 batteries

    • 288MHz frequency

    Allstar MVP-WKE 190-110927 MVP Garage Door Opener Wireless Keypad

    The Allstar 190-110927 surface mount keyless entry transmitter for indoor/outdoor applications, 9-volt battery powered, backlit keys, four digit entry code. Wireless Keyless Entry for Linear Allstar MVP units.


    • 4-digit access code (User selects a 4 digit PIN number)

    • Back lit keys

    • Operate LED

    • Power: 9-volt battery

    • Codes: 19683

    • RF frequency: 318 MHz

    • Dimensions 2.5 inches W x 6.125 inches H x 1.5 inches D

    • Compatible with ALL MVP garage door openers

    • 10 button alphanumeric keypad

    • Easy mounting (Battery, mounting screws and instructions included)

    Antenna, LR-DIPOLE, Extended Range up to 1000ft

    BEA 1.75" x 4.5" Jamb Style Push Plate Short Surface Mount Box 10BOXJAMBST

    BEA 10ABOXSGSMS Single-Gang Angled Mounting Box

    BEA 2.75" x 4.5" Single Gang Surface Mount Box 10BOX24SGSM

    BEA 4.5" x 4.5" Standard Double Gang Surface Mount Box 10BOXDGSM

    BEA 4.75" Square Surface Mount Box 10BOX475SQSM

    BEA 6 Round Surface Mount Box 10BOX6RNDSM

    Bracket, IRB-BR, "L" Shaped Mounting, 9in, Set of 2

    Card Reader/Keypad, CR-2000, Waterproof Wiegand

    Card Reader/Keypad, PRX-320, Waterproof Proximity