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    E-Z Zip One Piece Push In Seal

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    Coiled Push-in 1-Piece Bottom Seal is a patented two-in-one retainer and weather seal for garage doors. Most weather seals on the market require separate installation of weather seal retainers to hold seals in place. This innovative Action Industries design removes the need for retainers to streamline installation and save money.

    1-Piece bottom seal has two sections: Rigid and Flex. Rigid and Flex sections work together to provide a cost-effective two-in-one retainer and weather seal solution. The Rigid portion lays flat against the bottom of a garage door. It mounts with fasteners to act as a bottom seal retainer. Flex portion bends into a U-Shape and the push-in barb is pushed into the rigid retainer. Once installed, this U-Shaped bottom seal will keep out dust, debris, harmful weather, pests, and more.

    The single extruded piece comes in 1-3/8 inch and 2 inch sizes and comes ready to install out of the box. Simply uncoil your 1-Piece Bottom Seal and begin installing to the bottom of a door with self-tapping fasteners. Choose coil lengths ranging from 10 ft. all the way to 100 ft. for whatever suits your job.

    Kits Include:

    • Push-in Coiled Bottom Seal

    • #8-18 x 3/4 in. Hex Head Tek Screws

    • Instruction Sheet


    • Patented one-piece push-in bottom seal

    • Innovative design streamlines installation and saves money

    • Two-in-one retainer and weather seal solution

    • Removes the need for weather seal retainer installation prior to weather seal installation

    • Available in 1-3/8 inch and 2 inch sizes

    • Pre-cut with grooves for screws or fasteners

    • Made with rigid and flexible sections

    • Structural supports hold rigid and flex portions together; prevents cracking and warping

    • Rigid section mounts to the bottom of garage doors with included fasteners

    • Flexible section bends into a U-Shape and snaps into the rigid retainer section

    • Push-in barb retainer design makes assembly easy

    • Keeps out harmful weather to protect the inside of your garage

    • Also keeps out dirt, pests, dust, leaves, and other debris

    • Available lengths: 10 ft, 20 ft, and 100 ft.

    • 1-3/8 Seal Dimensions:

      • Rigid: 1.3 inch length x 0.060 thick wall

      • Flex: 3 inch length x 0.040 inch thick wall

    • 2 inch Seal Dimensions:

      • Rigid: 1.9 inch length x 0.60 inch thick wall

      • Flex: 3.75 inch length x .040 inch thick wall


      10 FOOT KIT

      20 FOOT KIT

      100 FOOT KIT

      1-3/8 INCH SEAL




      2 INCH SEAL




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