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    Garage Door Cable Drums

    Whether its a commercial or residential garage door, cable drums are an essential component on any Torsion style garage door opener with a cable assembly. Drums attach to the torsion bar, and act as a pulley to lift the door wind the torsion springs (also known as garage door springs). Drums vary in size and style depending on weight, height of the door, and necessary lift height. Cable drums come in sets of two that are specially designed to mount on the left and right hand sides of the torsion bar. They are manufactured from stainless steel that resists corrosion.

    Different Drums for Different Doors

    Our drums can be installed for DIY home improvement projects as well as on commercial doors. Action Industries offers high-quality cable drums at good prices; choose from our selection to find the best set for your door. Cable drums are currently available in three different styles, each with their own range of compatible door sizes and weights:

    • Standard Lift Cable Drums - Features a single raised groove to stabilize the door. For 8 to 34 feet tall doors.

    • Vertical Lift Cable Drums - Feature tall grooves to wind towards the shaft. Door opens on a vertical shaft. For 11 to 18 feet tall doors.

    • High Lift Cable Drums - Use flat and raised grooves to keep a heavy duty door on vertical and horizontal tracks. For 9 to 19 feet high doors.

    Have questions about garage door cable drums?

    Not sure which drum is right for your job or commercial garage door? have other questions about garage door parts? Questions about a warranty? Contact our Sales and Support Team and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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    Drum Set, Standard Lift

    Drum Set, 54" High Lift, for 14' Door

    Drum Set, 54" High Lift, for 19' Door

    Drum Set, High Lift, 32'

    Drum Set, Vertical Lift, 11'

    Cable Drum Set, 18' Vertical Lift