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    Linear Delta 3 Radio Controls (310 MHZ Frequency)


    Delta 3 Radio Controls

    Linear’s Delta-3 Radio Controls are designed for use with automatic residential garage/gate operators and access control systems. All Delta-3 radio controls, operating on the same frequency, can be mixed and matched to suit the needs of a wide variation of individual needs. The Delta-3 radio format uses 8-position coding switches to provide 265 different digital codes.

    Questions about radio controls?

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    Linear Delta 3 DD DNP00006 Universal gate or Garage Door Receiver Set DD = Two DT & One DR

    Transmitter, 1-Channel, Hand-Held, 310 MHz

    Transmitter, 2-Channel, Hand-Held, 310 MHz

    Linear Delta 3 DT-4B DNT00027B 4-channel Visor Transmitter for automatic garage/gate operators

    Linear Delta 3 DTG DNT00072 Gate Safety Edge Transmitter

    Linear Delta 3 DS DNP00011 Universal Gate or Garage Door Receiver Set DS= one DT & One DR

    Receiver, 1-Channel, 310 MHz

    Linear Delta 3 GRD-2 DNR00102 2-Channel Gate Receiver

    Linear Delta 3 DR-4 DNR00023A 4-channel Receiver for garage/gate operators and access Ctrl systems