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    Clopay EZ-SET Kits and Repair Parts


    EZ-SET Kits

    EZ-SET kits are spring system conversion kits for residential doors that allow straightforward installation, repair, and spring replacement of overhead door assemblies. Clopay garage door manufactures two EZ-SET conversion kits: one for extension springs and another for torsion spring garage doors. Both extension spring and torsion spring garage door EZ-SETs are designed for DIY home improvement for do it-yourselfers on virtually any 7-8 ft. residential overhead door.

    Torsion Spring Kits

    Clopay's EZ-SET torsion spring system is for standard torsion springs and includes one left hand winding unit, a center support bracket, cable drums, torsion tube coupler, installation instructions, and more. The included winding unit makes garage door torsion spring winding safe and easy without needing to use a manual spring winder.

    Extension Spring Kits

    Clopay's EZ-SET Extension Spring System includes everything needed for an extension spring assembly and keep extension spring tension tight. Each extension spring kit includes pulley forks, two spring stretching units, 2 three inch pulleys, extension spring safety cables, and more.

    EZ-SET Spring Assembly Kits from Action Industries include everything needed for straightforward spring assembly installation and repairs. If you have any questions, concerns, or special needs for your order regarding EZ-SET Kits, Contact our Sales and Support Team and we will point you in the right direction.

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    Clopay 0122009 Bracket Tube Retainer EZ-Set Torsion

    Clopay 0122240 EZ-Set LH Winding Unit with Steel Bearing

    Clopay 0122250 EZ-Set RH Winding Unit with Steel Bearing

    Clopay 0122450 Support Center EZ-Set Torsion

    Clopay 0122490 EZ-Set LH Torsion Drum

    Clopay 0122491 EZ-Set RH Torsion Drum

    Clopay 0122500 Cone Winding Spring Plug EZ-Set Universal

    Clopay 0122505 EZ-Set Torsion Mounting Brackets Pair

    Clopay 0122530 EZ-Set Torsion Tube Coupler

    Clopay 4128945 Spring Support Bracket 6in

    Clopay 5686744 EZ-Set Torsion Fastener Bag

    Clopay EZ-Set Extension Spring Kit

    Clopay EZ-Set Torsion Kit