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    LiftMaster Capacitors

    Capacitors are essential internal components for garage door openers that store electrical energy to provide bursts of power on startup. When a Chamberlain/LiftMaster garage door opener turns on it requires more power than can be supplied by the power circuit. Motor Capacitor’s provide cyclical bursts of high-energy electricity and a single capacitor is required in garage door openers.

    Electrolytic garage door opener capacitors by LiftMaster are replacement parts for malfunctioning or faulty capacitors on residential garages and commercial door operators. If your LiftMaster operator is having difficulty starting or turning on, you may need to replace the capacitor. Capacitor’s are installed inside the operator control box clamped to the side of the housing. Most are easy to replace with a screwdriver and unclamping and clamping of wiring connections. Our collection of LiftMaster door opener parts shares compatibility with a range of door opener motors, whether its for a gate opener, chain drive, or belt drive door.

    Have Questions about LiftMaster Capacitors?

    Looking for other garage door opener replacement parts by LiftMaster? Not sure which capacitor is right for your operator? Contact our Sales and Support Team and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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