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    Brush Seals


    Introducing Action Industries, your trusted destination for comprehensive solutions to safeguard your facility's entry points from dirt, debris, and pests.

    Our diverse selection of brush seals includes the innovative Flex Brush, Stick Brush, Weatherblock brush, and Zebra brush, each designed to safeguard your facility's entry points from dirt, debris, and pests. Available in Slim-Line, Standard, and Large sizes, these brushes are compatible with #2.5, #4, and #7 Channels, ensuring a seamless fit for any application. With an extensive range of brush seals in various sizes and forms, we provide the ideal defense against unwanted elements infiltrating your premises.

    At the core of our brush seals is their unparalleled effectiveness as barriers. Crafted from tightly packed polypropylene filaments, these seals create an impenetrable shield, preventing the passage of airborne particulates. The filaments are securely wrapped around a sturdy metal rod and held in place by a crimped metal spine, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

    Standard brush seals excel in environments that demand a reliable defense against debris, dust, and pests. Particularly suitable for locations such as food processing plants, they effectively seal entrances, preventing unwanted intrusions. The dense configuration of the filaments ensures that even the tiniest particles and pests are kept at bay, maintaining the integrity and cleanliness of your facility.

    Whether you need side seals, dock leveler seal kits, passage sweeps, or other sealing solutions, our brush seals offer superior performance and exceptional durability. Trust Action Industries to provide you with "A Better Barrier" through our high-quality brush seals and comprehensive range of brush-related products.

    Take proactive measures to safeguard your facilities today and choose Action Industries as your go-to partner for protecting your entry points from dirt, debris, and pests.

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