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    Bottom Door Gap Seals


    Solve your loading dock leveler gap problems with our bottom door gap seals.

    Loading docks often have gaps where the bottom of the door meets the leveler and the dock pit wall. Action Industries’ bottom door gap seals solve that problem.

    Dock wedges

    You’ve seen the two gaps where the bottom of the garage door meets the sides of the dock leveler. A pair of dock wedges will solve that problem. They mount on the bottom of the garage door, and their unique shape fills those gaps perfectly.

    Gap seal

    When a dock plate sits lower than the floor line, that creates a large unsealed area. The gap seal attaches to the door and creates a tight seal. 

    Having trouble sealing your loading dock leveler?

    Talk to our sales and support team about the challenges of the job. We’ll help you figure out the perfect sealing solution.

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