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    Automatic Technology


    Automatic Technology

    Automatic Technology is a premier designer, supplier, and retailer of garage door transmitters and access security for Australia, Europe, Canada, and the United States. ATA designs their products for long-lasting durability in extreme surroundings where a broken garage or barn opener is not a quick-fix. They deliver on their pledge of innovation: for thirty years ATA has pushed to simplify their products and increase accessibility. ATA products available from Action Industries are wide ranging in application, including photoeyes to increase safety and security on virtually any door and EasyRoller Sheet door operators for mini warehouse and self storage style doors. Their Trio-Code technology uses proprietary layered rolling code technology for a high level of security on all of their garage door transmitters, keypads, and wall buttons. Automatic Technology's SIMPLE-SAFE-SECURE design philosophy ensures quality, reliable products that won't break the budget.

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    Automatic Technology 86063 Dominator EasyRoller Sheet Door Operator

    Automatic Technology 81345 Easy Roller Transmitter

    Automatic Technology 70500 Easy Roller Keypad

    Automatic Technology 81309 Easy Roller Door Wall Button

    Automatic Technology 40200 Wired Photo Eyes (Replacement)

    Automatic Technology 69774 EasyRoller Opener Battery-Backup

    Automatic Technology 86341 ShedMaster Sheet Door Operator

    Automatic Technology 81330 ShedMaster Rolling Door Operator Remote

    Automatic Technology 86651 ShedMaster Rolling Door Keypad

    Automatic Technology 86652 ShedMaster Rolling Door Wall Button

    Automatic Technology 69790 Wired Photo Eyes (Replacement)

    Automatic Technology 87618 Mini Door Extension Kit