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    Specialty Products


    Specialty Products

    These products from Action Industries are the specific parts you need to customize your garage and get it set up to your specifications. Specialty Products include installation tools to help properly and safely complete installations, lighting strips of various sizes for commercial doors, and Jamb Restoration Kits. Also available are Spring Repair Blocks of various sizes, sold in sets of two, for fixing broken garage door springs.

    Installation Tools

    Torsion Winding Bars, Cable Cutters, Chain Pullers, Chain Breakers and More. Everything required to install a new garage door and operator or to repair one already installed.

    Safety Lighting

    LED Light Kits wire into your garage door operator to increase safety. Lights up green when the door is open and red when the door is closed to ensure everyone in the facility is aware of the doors status. Truck restraint kits communicate that a truck cannot leave and it is safe to be loaded and unloaded with forklifts.

    Jamb Restoration Kits

    Jamb Kits Restore and Reinforce side jambs and header jamb headers. They are available in multiple pre-cut sizes to fit the jambs of the most common garage door sizes. Made from durable aluminum that protects wooden jambs from the weather and gives them a finished, professional look.

    Have a question about Specialty Products?

    Need a part but don’t see it listed in stock? Contact our sales and support team with any questions or concerns and we’ll be happy to help.

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