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    Access Controls


    Gain full control of your installation

    Action Industries offers a wide selection of access controls that enable more control, automation, and increased security on garage door and gate openers. Access controls include sensors to detect vehicles and motion, radio controls (receivers and transmitters), timers that can automatically set doors to open/close, as well as keypads and card readers that enhance the security of an installation. These controls allow customization of both commercial and residential garage door and gate openers.

    Have questions about access control systems or can’t find the one you need?

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    Keypad, programmable, dual relay output

    Transmitter, LR-650-TX1B/VC, One Button, Visor Clip

    Access Card, CARX-20, Reinforced

    Antenna, LR-DIPOLE, Extended Range up to 1000ft

    Bracket, IRB-BR, "L" Shaped Mounting, 9in, Set of 2

    Card Reader/Keypad, CR-2000, Waterproof Wiegand

    Card Reader/Keypad, PRX-320, Waterproof Proximity

    Connector, IRB-SP, Liquid Tight Strain Relief, Set of 2

    Control Unit, CS303-C-1, Magnetresistive Vehicle Detector

    Detector, USVD-4X, Ultrasonic Vehicle

    EMX LP D-TEK Low Power Fail Safe Vehicle Loop Detector

    EMX PTM 7 Day Programmable Timer

    Enclosure, IRB-BX, Photoeye


    LIFTMASTER 387LM Universal Keyless Entry Garage Door Opener

    Liftmaster 855LM HomeLink Repeater Kit

    Liftmaster 877MAX Wireless Keyless Entry Garage Door Opener

    Liftmaster Car2U Repeater Kit CAR2U RPTR

    Logic Interface, CS303-L, Magnetresistive Vehicle Detector

    Loop Detector, ULT-MVP-2, Ultra-Multi-Voltage

    Loop Detector, ULTRA V-2, Plug-in Style

    Loop Pad, SP-24, Surface-Mounted

    Mounting Pad, PRX-320-PAD, White Polypropylene

    Photo Eye Reflector Hood