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    Access Controls


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    Keypad, programmable, dual relay output

    Transmitter, LR-650-TX1B/VC, One Button, Visor Clip

    Access Card, CARX-20, Reinforced

    Antenna, LR-DIPOLE, Extended Range up to 1000ft

    Bracket, IRB-BR, "L" Shaped Mounting, 9in, Set of 2

    Card Reader/Keypad, CR-2000, Waterproof Wiegand

    Card Reader/Keypad, PRX-320, Waterproof Proximity

    Connector, IRB-SP, Liquid Tight Strain Relief, Set of 2

    Control Unit, CS303-C-1, Magnetresistive Vehicle Detector

    Detector, USVD-4X, Ultrasonic Vehicle

    EMX LP D-TEK Low Power Fail Safe Vehicle Loop Detector

    EMX PTM 7 Day Programmable Timer

    Enclosure, IRB-BX, Photoeye

    Logic Interface, CS303-L, Magnetresistive Vehicle Detector

    Loop Detector, ULT-MVP-2, Ultra-Multi-Voltage

    Loop Pad, SP-24, Surface-Mounted

    Mounting Pad, PRX-320-PAD, White Polypropylene

    Photo Eye Reflector Hood

    Photo Eye Reflector, NIR Plus Retro

    Photo Eye, Infrared Modulated PC-3

    Photo Eye, NIR-50, 12-240 V, w/ reflector

    Photoeye, BPE-50, Battery-Powered

    Photoeye, IRB-325, Infrared

    Photoeye, IRB-EXP, Explosion-Proof