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    Guardian 928CC Residential Jackshaft Operator

    SKU: 928CC

    Action Industries is proud to carry the new 928 jackshaft garage door opener from the trusted brand, Guardian. Presenting the Model 928 residential jackshaft operator. This amazing garage door opener that not only creates more space in your garage but also ensures enhanced security for your belongings. Say goodbye to clutter and welcome a well-organized garage with our innovative features. With built-in LED lighting and motion detection, your garage will be brightly illuminated as soon as you step inside.

    Operator Highlights:

    • Automatic deadbolt door lock secures the door on closing.

    • Operates with or without a cable tension monitor

    • Strong enough to operate a 54" high-lift door

    • Motion activated LED courtesy lighting

    • Hardened steel collar

    • Maintenance-free

    The operator's performance is truly remarkable. Powered by a quiet 12V DC motor, it effortlessly opens doors weighing up to 850 lbs. and reaching heights of 14 ft. Experience smooth operation with a nominal speed of 8.9 in/s upwards and 7.3 in/s downwards. The operator also boasts a powerful 1500 lumen LED courtesy lighting, ensuring optimal visibility in your garage.

    Security is of utmost importance, which is why our operator includes an automatic deadbolt door lock. This feature guarantees that your door is securely locked every time it closes. For added convenience, it can operate with or without a cable tension monitor, catering to different garage setups. The operator's strength is impressive, as it can easily handle a 54" high-lift door without any hassle. With a hardened steel collar, it's built to last and is virtually maintenance-free.

    Safety is a top priority, and our operator comes equipped with a photo-eye safety system. It features heavy-duty brackets for added stability and reliably reverses the door if the beam is broken, preventing accidents and damage. Our ClearCom® Remote Control utilizes dual burst technology, cutting through radio interference to transmit your code to a frequency agile receiver. With Stable Radio Code compatibility, you can effortlessly program the radio controls to all HomeLink® systems.

    One of the standout features is the motion-activated LED courtesy lighting. As soon as motion is detected, the LEDs illuminate, ensuring you never step into a dark garage. The operator also includes safety measures such as a safety reverse for a closing door when obstructed and a safety stop for an opening door, keeping you and your belongings protected at all times. Additionally, an emergency quick release feature ensures your safety in critical situations.

    With the standard accessories included, you'll have everything you need for a seamless experience. The 3-Button ClearCom® Deluxe Remote Control, complete with a convenient visor clip, allows you to operate up to three Guardian garage door openers effortlessly. The Deluxe Door Control Console acts as a central hub, enabling you to open your door, turn on the lights, and even set the remote control security lockout from one convenient location.

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