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    10MS31CUSTOM Touchless Open Actuator Kit

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    The 10MS31CUSTOM Touchless Microwave Actuator Kit from BEA is a member of Magic Switch family of products. Using microwave motion technology the actuator is capable of detecting moving objects such as hands, carts, or wheelchairs. To ensure dependable actuation, this product complies with the ANSI 156.10 Knowing Act Standard, and has a detection range of 4-24 inches. The programmable relay hold time of 0.5 to 30 seconds allows the door to remain open long enough for traffic to pass through. This makes the 10MS31CUSTOM perfect for centers that require hygienic activation like hospitals, pharmacies, food service facilities, and clean rooms.


    The custom kit comes with the sensor, base plate, and your choice of plate. Customers must use the dropdown boxes to ensure that the proper kit is ordered. The plates come in four different sizes (jamb plate, single-gang, double-gang, and 6 inch round), and have three color options (black, grey, white). Three different graphic styles are available as well (plain, text and hand logo, text and accessibility logo). Please use the dropdown to select which color plate you would like to receive. This kit can be flush or surface mounted. Compatible mounting boxes include 10B0XJAMBST, 10BOX24SGSM, 10ABOXSGSMS, 1OBOXDGSM, AND 10BOX475SQSM.

    Can This Wave To Open Sensor Replace Existing Push Plates?

    The 10MS31CUSTOM comes standard with four wires - two for power, and two to communicate to the door. For new construction, no further action is required. To use the 10MS31CUSTOM to replace existing push plates, there are components needed. The 10TD900TR 900MHz retrofit transmitter AND 10RD900 900MHz receiver must be used in order to retrofit compatible.


    • Adjustable Detection Zone – Detection zone from 4 to 24 inches (timed or toggle)

    • Adjustable LED Setting – Dipswitch position determines if LED illuminated when in detection or when not in detection

    • Silent Activation – Silent activation for hospitals and other noise-sensitive environments

    • Durable Design – IP54 rated enclosure for protection against outdoor weathering and daily cleaning

    • Various Faceplates Available – Available in black, gray and white faceplate; options include jamb style, single-gang, double-gang and 6 inch round

    • Applications – Full Energy Swing Doors, Low Energy Swing Doors, Industrial Doors, and Healthcare Environments


    • Technology: Microwave Doppler Radar

      • Radiated Frequency: 24.125 GHz

      • Radiated Power Density: < 5mW/cm squared

    • Direction Mode: Motion (bidirectional)

    • Detection Range: 4-24 Inches (adjustable)

    • Output: Relay with switch-over contact (voltage-free)

      • Max. Contact Voltage: 60 VDC/ 125 VAC

      • Max. Contact Current: 1 A (resistive)

      • Max. Switching Power: 30W (DC) / 60 VA (AC)

    • Output Hold Time: 0.5s to 30s

    • Supply Frequency: 50-60 Hz

    • Supply Voltage: 12-24 VAC +/- 10%, 12-24 VDC +30% / -10%

    • Power Consumption: < 1.5 W

    • Weight: 0.34 lbs

    • Material: PC, PE

    • Temperature Range: -4 - 131ºF (-20 - 55ºC)

    • IP Rating: IP54

    • Dimensions:

      • Single-Gang: 4 1/2” (H) × 2 3/4” (W) × 1/4” (T)

      • Jamb Plate: 4 1/2” (H) × 1 3/4” (W) × 1/4” (T)

      • Double-Gang: 4 1/2” (H) × 4 1/2” (W) × 1/4” (T)

      • Round Plate: 6” (D) × 1/4” (T)

    • Certification:

      • EMC: 2004 / 108/ EC

      • FCC: G9B-210161

      • IC: 4680A-21061

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