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DuraSeal Stopmold


Action Featured Product – DuraSeal Stopmold

Action Industries has carried DuraSeal Stop Molding for many years, and it is known as a product our customers can rely on. Now, try the new and improved DuraSeal!


Physical property advantages:

  • Low maintenance - no warping, rotting, twisting or splitting

  • Impervious to moisture, salt, insects

  • Comes in 12 different colors including black and white

  • Low thermal expansion and contraction

  • Made of cellular PVC material that endures extreme heat
    to below freezing temperatures

  • Saves money by reducing energy loss

The new DuraSeal has improved:

  • Density and integrity to prevent nails from going through the product

  • Flexibility to bend into a full circle, giving you the ability to create any shape and work with any corner

  • Packaging that holds the flexible seal straight during shipments using corrugated angle to hold each piece at the proper angle, preventing the flexible area from bending or creasing

  • Shape design to be stronger and look better that still allows superior flexibility for transporting

Action Industries’ garage door stop molding now provides the look, feel and workability of a rubber tube, but is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and retain its color – all at a competitive price.

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